Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cascadilla Farm

One of the things that we were most looking forward to in our new home was a better gardening space. Back in the city Andrew struggled for three years trying to grow food in a heavily shaded yard with a LARGE population of grey squirrels. Shade and squirrels do not equal high yields, they mostly equal a very frustrated husband.

So when we were looking for a new house a large, sunny backyard was a requirement. This house had it and Andrew wasted no time getting the garden started. Our house already had a small garden plot in the backyard. The problem was that it hadn't been used in over 15 years! It was over grown with grass, weeds and a small tree. Week 1 Grannie Apple helped us get out all of the existing plants. I wish I had a picture but I tend to always forget the "before" pictures.

Week 2 Andrew went to visit our new friend Justin at Yellowtree Farm who had been growing starters for us. We borrowed a tiller and Andrew's Dad helped get the plot ready. Then in went the plants!

We have onions, broccoli, peppers, cucumbers, celery, basil, thyme, salad greens, oregano, and several varieties of tomatoes. So far so good. Other than a couple bunnies and a major infestation of crabgrass the garden is growing great. Most weekdays we can find Reis and I in the backyard weeding or hooking up the soaking hose. We can already see some tomatoes and have used the oregano a few times. We are looking forward to a summer full of homegrown veggies!

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