Sunday, June 13, 2010

Projects in the Works

Though it may look like it....we haven't just been hanging out around here! =) We've been busy with a couple projects here and there.

Project #1: I'm trying to build a "kitchen" for Reis for his first birthday which is quickly approaching on June 23. Building your own play kitchen has been all the rage the past year. Just take a look on Ohdeedoh and you can see all sorts of home made kitchens for little kiddos. We got this little buffet from one of our favorite antique malls. Stay tuned to see the transformation. I'm making good progress but still have quite a bit to do before the big party in a couple weeks.

Project #2: I've been painting the Master Bedroom and Bathroom. The existing wallcolor in the bedroom was a horrible pinky color and even worse the walls were SUPER dirty. Gross. The bathroom walls were plain old white and the cabinets were a horrible 80s wood grain. Both the bedroom and bathroom walls were painted with Sherwin Williams, Downing Sand. I love this color! It is a great mix of warm gray and khaki. The bathroom cabinets are painted with Martha Stewart, Molasses. The new hardware is from Home Depot. In the somewhat near future I would like to add new window treatments and making my own headboard. I think I'm going to make you wait for complete "after" photos until I get the windows and headboard done.

Project #3: Reis is on the move! Climbing stairs, exploring every nook and cranny of the house and learning to walk with the aid of furniture, fingers and toys.

Due to budgeting constraints I'm going to be focusing on painting for awhile. After that hopefully I can move on to actually buying some of these light fixtures I keep talking about.

Other projects in the works are: painting the shutters, hanging yet MORE baby gates (who picked a multi-level!), a book rack for Reis's room and deciding on artwork for some empty walls.


  1. I don't even have a kid and you've got me pouring over play kitchen plans. So cute!

  2. I can;t wait to see the finished kitchen....i hope it can inspire me to finish some projects around here that I have started for Eva.