Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reis's Kitchen

Remember this picture? I mentioned last month that one of the projects I was working on was a play kitchen for my son Reis. Well I did manage to finish it in time for his first birthday party. See the result below:

Cost breakdown:
Original buffet: $40
Wood, hardware, burner knobs, hinges: $60
Paint: Free
Cork burners: Free
Sink: dog dish - $10
Faucet: From Habitat for Humanity's Restore - $5

Total: $115

This didn't end up being as "cheap" as I thought it would be. What hurt me the most was not having any scrap wood around. But in the end, I realized that the fact that I had made it for Reis with my own two hands was much more valuable.

We already have some renovations planned. A magnetic strip to hold his little spoons and spatulas, a rack inside the oven and a hook for a little apron.

Here is the little man in action.


  1. You're a rock star! Wish I had an ounce of your creativity!!! :)

  2. That thing is really adorable! Well done SJPP

  3. I love it!! And I love love LOVE that it's in the kitchen :) Great work!

  4. Awesome! Makes me wish my guys were still that little

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