Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The day we "officially" moved into the new house we also got our first visitor. Grannie Apple arrived the same day we moved the very last of our belongings. While I knew she was here to help, obviously her first priority was to see her only grandson. Really that was most of the help I needed. Someone to keep Reis occupied and safe while I ran around with my head cut off. Grannie Apple did an excellent job at spending time with Reis but also managed to give me a hand. Somehow she managed to organize our kitchen without using the kitchen! Brilliant! She also helped me prime the cabinets...and had a good laugh when I couldn't find my underwear on day 4.

Our next visitors were Grandma Bea, Grandpa Mark and Aunt Ruthie. With three extra set of hands available we got the chance to tackle a fair amount of projects: deep cleaned master bath, kitchen stuff actually put away into my kitchen, sanding, priming and painting cabinets, hanging old windows, getting on the roof, visiting the attic and working on some more of Reis's room. Best of all, Bea, Ruthie and Reis shared lots of belly laughs.

On a lower note....our "little black cat" Della is not adjusting to the move so well..... She has barely eaten since we moved in (two and a half weeks ago) and she is very thin and weak. She was very sick in Feb/March so I was afraid that this was going to happen. She is off to the doctor this afternoon but I'm prepared for the worst. I just don't want to see her feeling terrible anymore. She isn't the cat I knew back in December at our old house. I have to say that this makes the move bitter sweet. I was really hoping Della would enjoy being here but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. We love you little black cat.

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