Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Full Disclosure

Minor detail...but we haven't actually bought this house yet. Don't worry! The walk through is tomorrow and the closing is Friday, it's as good as ours. If only I could remember what it feels like inside... I've only been in the house ONCE, the day we looked at it, probably for 30 minutes. It will be interesting to see if my memory of the house is as good as the reality of it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime I am packing up our stuff that we have had with us for the last 3.5 months and enlisting friends to come and help me strip wallpaper this weekend. One of the bedrooms is half covered with wallpaper and it happens to be the room I want to use for our son Reis. This is the photo from the house listing. Check out that awesome neon blue pegboard shelf! I actually do think the pegboard is awesome...just not the color. It will stay but will be painted.

In order to make the transition as easy as possible for Reis I want the room to be striped, primed and painted before we move in. I have one week to make it happen. Anyone want to weigh in on whether I should rent a steamer or just try getting it off with vinegar solution?

The plan for Reis's room is a recreation of his nursery at our old house in the city. I LOVED how the nursery came out and I was very sad to leave it. Here is a mood board I made up while I was pregnant and some photos of the room almost finished. Sadly in my new mother haze I never took pics of the completed room at the old house but I won't let that happen again! I'll be sure to take before and in progress photos this weekend and by next week it should be completed.


  1. I've also heard that a mixture of fabric softener and water will help get wall paper off. We should look into this.

  2. From someone who has now removed no less than 16 different patterns of wallpaper in our house (still have a few to go) a steamer, score well and have patience. Glue residue comes off easily with just hot soapy water and lots of wax on-wax off moves :)


  3. Best of luck. I look forward to following your progress and getting great ideas.

    Kids definitely change your timeline...double the amount of time you think something should take you when you have a child in the house.

    I love the tree motif. In our classroom we used the real maple trees we had to cut down when renovating the school to build a tree house loft, the branches make a great place to hang artwork and kid creations. I'll try and post/email you some pics if you'd like.