Monday, March 29, 2010

New Sofa

So I went to the house this morning and taped out the dimensions of the sofa we were thinking of getting. I wanted to make sure it would fit and i needed to decide which side I wanted the chaise. It's a good thing too because I flipped the chaise from where I thought I had wanted it. Originally I was going to put it on the left against the corner of the room but I decided to put it on the right. This way I have room for an end table on each side. While I think the size is a good fit, I do have to say I am still a little worried that it might feel too big. I just really wanted to make sure that it was comfortable for Andrew. The last sofa we bought was just way too small for him. I didn't want to make that mistake again so I erred on the side of going larger.

Since the sofa was on sale, we went over and put in our order today. However, the cost is giving me an ulcer...this sofa better last us 30 years! Part of the reason we decided on this sofa from Bassett was because we got to customize the size, arm style, leg style, cushions, fabric and we get a lifetime warranty on the frame and seat cushions.

The bottom fabric is for the sofa, the top fabric for the pillows. Selecting the fabric was a nightmare. I tend to select colors that have yellow undertones and unfortunately our new house has a LOT of red undertones. The room that this new sofa is going in has gray carpet with faux slate porcelain tile. I hate the gray carpet. Hate it. Awful. Ultimately I think I would want wood in the foyer and family room. The tile is freezing right now and hardwood would just warm up the space SO MUCH! I'm just praying that my fabric selection for the sofa will play nice with the gray carpet for as long as it needs to.

And since stressing over extremely expensive sofas isn't enough to keep me busy, here are some more foyer pendant options... Do you have a new favorite?


  1. Sara -

    I like the first fixture of the four in this post. but I also like the one below from lampsplus.

  2. what room are you going to put your old couch and my favorite green chair in?

  3. My first choice would be the last one and my second choice would be the first one!

  4. I like the first one.

    Sarah - your chair will be in the living room near the fireplace.

  5. I like the last one from this grouping. What about cardboard? ;)