Thursday, March 25, 2010


Andrew just got back from the walkthrough and everything looks good. The house is clean and ready for us to move in! His one and only comment was that he can't wait to change the light fixture in the foyer (see above) and he hoped that I was planning something "cool" for that spot. I'm not sure if these will meet his definition of "cool" but this is what I have been thinking about.

My first thought was this bentwood pendant by a Danish/Costa Rican artist named Hennig Dyes. I've been coveting this fixture for several years but never had the right place for it. Now it appears I have lost my chance, a quick Google search informed me that Dyes has retired and his fixtures are no longer available.... serious bummer! So I had to start fresh.

First I came across these two fixtures which are very similar. I like the feel of the black iron but also the leafy natural patterns.

I also thought this fixture from Ballard Designs might be an option. It has a more traditional feel than I usually go for but it is still clean and simple. My plan would be to modify the glass a bit to give it some more character and to hide the bulb. I hate having to stare at a naked bulb.

So give me some feedback. What do you think? Do you have a favorite or should I keep looking?


  1. i like the fixture from overstock. love it! but also think it would be fun to see how you dress up the light from ballard. i'm so excited about your blog and to see what you do with that cute house! xoxo ~karen s

  2. I like the pendant from Overstock, especially if you painted it a different color. Here are a couple of wood options...a little pricey.;P-9700-9700-12-CSHW2x1-CWx1-DK20-0-0

    I also found the light from Sub Zero.

    - Steph